Black Panther (2018) [Ryan Coogler]

Ryan Coogler's Black Panther┬ácomes as something of an unpleasant surprise to me. No, I didn't really have any high expectations for it or anything like that. I just hoped that the film would at the very least be different than the other Marvel films (all of which really just blend together in my mind). Also,… Continue reading Black Panther (2018) [Ryan Coogler]


Wonder Woman (2017) [Patty Jenkins]

When I first watched this movie in theaters, I had already seen Batman v Superman. I was then also greeted by the Justice League trailer before the movie began. While watching it again today I noticed the DC opening graphics (is it new? I don't remember noticing it before) which includes figures all of their… Continue reading Wonder Woman (2017) [Patty Jenkins]