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Doctor Who (Classic) – Season 4

Doctor Who Season 4


I think this was a lot better than season 3 – the introduction of the new Doctor certainly made it more interesting and I immediately found Patrick Troughton (who for some reason I imagined would sound a lot different than he actually does) quite an intriguing presence. It’s a pity that a lot of his episodes seem to be missing, but I think overall this season is on par with season 2 as the best of these early years of Doctor Who. The Second Doctor era also has so far featured two Dalek stories that I think are the best so far. I have mixed feelings on Ben and Polly. Ben was just another generic male companion, while Polly alternated between being interesting and being a shrieking, easily reduced to tears, useless character a la Susan. More interesting to me was Jaime, although he didn’t truly get going as a character until after Ben and Polly left. I do wish sometimes this show would stop and focus on the characters though, like when Jaime is Gatwick Airport, he’s walking around constantly amazed by his surroundings, but we never get any scene where he actually talks about how he feels about this whole time travelling thing and whenever he begins asking questions, it’s never the right time. Still, overall I think the Second Doctor era in this season starts off strong and ends the season strong, although before all that, we still have a couple of final First Doctor serials to get through.


  1. The Smugglers: This was the point at which I had gotten so tired of all the companion changes (and the fact that the new companions didn’t seem that interesting) that I really just stopped caring and found it difficult to get invested in this story. It doesn’t help that most of it is just tedious. C
  2. The Tenth Planet: You know, I can understand that back then, probably, the Cybermen must have seemed really creepy and/or scary and whatnot, but honestly, while I did find their look a bit strange and weird, I cringed each time they spoke and found their speech unintentionally hilarious. This was overall an okay serial, and although The Doctor’s regeneration at the end of it is interesting, why it happens is never properly clear. According to the people who made this, the idea behind it was that the planet Mondas was supposed to have caused The Doctor to regenerate but they didn’t manage to get that across on screen very well. I suppose that’s just as well. B-
  3. The Power of the Daleks: Once again, I do think this is maybe an episode too long, but overall, this is one of the best Dalek stories, certainly better than anything in the William Hartnell era. I think part of what made it interesting and refreshing was that for once the Daleks didn’t begin with the upper hand and they weren’t immediately plotting and scheming about taking over the Universe or whatever. Overall, it’s quite decent. B
  4. The Highlanders: The final purely historical story for a good while to come, this was mostly an average serial that introduces Jaime as a new companion. Don’t really have a whole lot to say about this one. B-
  5. The Underwater Menace: Oh, this was bad. Much like The Web Planet, it features a lot of ridiculous and cheesy costumes that just don’t look good, it’s tedious, and a lot of it doesn’t make sense. C
  6. The Moonbase: I think this was much better than The Tenth Planet as far as the Cybermen are concerned. I liked that they’ve changed the voice – it’s now more robotic, unfortunately now it’s difficult to make out what they’re saying (thank goodness for subtitles). Decent overall. B
  7. The Macra Terror: I didn’t really enjoy this at all. It’s a bit similar to some previous stories in its “colony” setting, and the whole deal with the Macra having been in control of them is just nonsense and the whole thing comes off as a really bad Nineteen Eighty-Four knockoff. C+
  8. The Faceless Ones: This was fine. I liked the contemporary setting. The first few episodes have a decent mystery going on, but I think it begins to drag a little bit and could have been shorter and a bit tighter. B-
  9. The Evil of the Daleks: This is thus far the best Dalek story I’ve seen. I liked the mystery in the first few episodes, I think the one episode where Jaime spends most of his time fighting Kemel and then trying to rescue Victoria could have been shortened a bit, but I did like the ending (I even thought the final episode felt a bit rushed) and I liked the twists and turns in this story. I also liked the reveal of the Emperor Dalek. B+

Overall Grade: B


One thought on “Doctor Who (Classic) – Season 4

  1. Finished your reviews. By the way this is Joseph from TARDIS CREW. I personally think that the Power of the Daleks is the best 60’s story, but different strokes for different folks.


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